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April 2011

April's featured dog of the month is named Tundra. Tundra is an Alaskan Malamute, and will be 2 years old on April 9th. According to his human, Erin, he is a big fluffy goofball of pure love. His nickname is Tunsafun, because he is really a lot of fun and always doing something goofy to make them laugh. When people meet Tundra they say he has a different bark, that is because he really doesn't bark but talks in a low "woo-woo" sound which his humans find to be an endearing characteristic. Tundra lives with his human family and has 2 German Shepherd sisters and 1 German Shepherd brother.
March 2011

March's dog of the month is a White Shepard breed known as "White German Shepard Dogge". This pretty pooch's name is Aspen. Her mom reports that the black (german shepard) is exactly the same in features and hair as the white (shepard), they are intellegent, loving, protective and obedient as their cousins. The white is more common in Europe than here in the US, however they are becoming more and more popular. Aspen is curious about everything, she does not just look at something, you can see her study it. Even when she looks at you you can see her actually study you.
February 2011

Meet February's dog of the month! Or should I say puppies of the month! I am a firm believer that there is nothing cuter than a pile of puppies, and I think this picture proves it. These adorable balls of fur were born to a very pregnant stray golden lab. She was taken in by the loving and caring home of Brandon and Amanda, who reside in Souther Oregon. Brandon and Amanda have giant hearts, taking in pregnant stray dogs and cats to birth the new babies into a safe environment. They then find homes for the kittens and puppies, spay the mommy, and find homes for them all. These sweet puppies would have been born on streets on December 1, 2010 and likely not have survived. Thanks so much Brandon, and Amanda, for helping helpless animals to find loving homes.
November 2010

Meet November's dog of the month, Sara. Sara lives in Oregon with her human, Fred. Together they travel the nation in his large truck. Sara enjoys sticking her head out the window while Fred is driving, sleeping in the sun (as you can see above), and pretending she can catch small animals. Her dislike is being left at home alone, but thankfully she loves her housemate, a black cat named Evil. Thanks for being the dog of the month, Sara - good luck catching a squirrel!
October 2010

Uzi is a 3 year old Yorki Maltese. Mostly an indoor animal, Uzi adores attention and will guilt you into petting him as soon as you walk in the door. Uzi is a small little guy and loves his housemate, a cat named Ari. Ari and Uzi live with their humans in Southern Oregon. Uzi loves his 'sometimes' trips camping or to the coast with his humans, Jason and Cole.

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